Blue WhatsApp Plus

Blue WhatsApp Plus


NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
Latest versionv8.86
UpdatedJune 24, 2021
Size47 MB
Required Android4.4+
DeveloperFouadMods Team

There’s literally plenty of messaging apps available to be used today. We use instant messaging apps today because there’s a need to constantly communicate now. Thanks to smartphones, we’ve become closer as humans even though we may be thousands of miles apart. With just a few taps, we can easily say what we want to with out friends, loved ones, co-workers and other people. But if you just want the best messaging app today, then you need to try Blue WhatsApp!

This is the app that will shape the future as it doesn’t have a lot of limitations and restrictions. It even offers a lot of features that aren’t present in a lot of messaging app today. But the best thing of all is that it’s a copy of WhatsApp which is the number one messaging app today. It’s safe to say that you don’t need to leave the ecosystem that you’ve been used to with this app. You can also enjoy the app even if you’re using others today!


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The Authority in Instant Messaging

The world we live in today has just become more convenient thanks to various technologies present now. We are no longer living in an undeveloped civilizations as even third-world countries have access to a lot of technologies. Today, the internet is available globally and it’s being used by the majority of people right now. Thanks to it, we can contact anyone that we need to talk to anytime of the day and even night. There’s no limit to what we can achieve now thanks to it.

But this is also possible thanks to numerous messaging apps that we use today. These apps allow us to contact anyone that has the same app installed in their device. With just an internet connection, we can have a conversation with anyone around the globe today. The impact of this technology has become more apparent in the pandemic that we’re experiencing today. Since the world has come to a halt, we conduct most of our businesses at home.

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Thanks to instant messaging apps, we can stay connected and updated with just about anyone today. So, if you want to have the best experience ever, you’ll need a reliable app in the form of Blue WhatsApp. In simple words, this app is a clone of WhatsApp which is the most popular messaging app right now. But since the original app has a lot of limitations, users are starting to look for alternatives. If you’re here, you don’t need to look further as this app has it all!

Features of Blue WhatsApp

Not every popular app today has the best features. Sometimes, even the lesser-known ones are more superior. Blue WhatsApp has everything you need!

The Gold Standard

If you’re like us, we use a lot of apps today that serve different purposes. There’s an app for maps, there’s an app to order food, to play games and so on. Because of this, we can also choose a variety of apps for messaging right now. There’s a huge chance that you’ve heard or used of the following: Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk, WeChat and many more. After all, these are the leading apps when it comes to instant messaging.

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But if you’re not satisfied with these apps, then you don’t need to look further. Blue WhatsApp is the gold standard when it comes to messaging apps today as it provides users with all the things they need. Here, you can take a backup of your chats and media or even transfer it to another device. Then, you can also freeze your last chat seen and automatically reply! There’s also a feature here that allows you to edit file sharing options, hide blue ticks and many more.

Visual Themes

One of the most annoying restrictions that most people are facing right now with WhatsApp is the inability to change the theme. Because of this, people are stuck with the unattractive green-colored theme for a long time. But with Blue WhatsApp, you can browse hundreds of beautiful themes right now. Here, you can access plenty of themes in different colors and styles right in the app. Heck, you can even change the theme every day if you want!


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Various Privacy Tools

What makes this app so special is that it has a lot of privacy tools today. With Blue WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen which means that you can see messages without having to worry about the seen status. You can also hide blue ticks after reading text messages so you can protect your privacy. More importantly, you now have the ability to create a group chat with 256 members!

Share More Files

Another aspect that most people are finding it irritating in the original app are the limitations on media sharing. But in here, you can send large videos of up to 30MB! You can also send files of up to 100 MB as well here. You’re also free to send any file type you want such as JPEG, MP3, MP4, DOCX, PDF and many more.

More Emojis

This app also gives you thousands of emojis to use today. They’re emojis that are available in Google Hangouts and you can use them all today. With this, there’s a lot more things you can do and you can express yourself more! There’s no need to stick to the old emojis when you have so many new ones you can use today. You can even start a game with emojis right on the app.


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Since this isn’t an official app, it makes sense that you might have some worries about being banned. But there’s no need to worry as this app has an Anti-Ban feature that allows you to use this without repercussions!

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Download Blue WhatsApp APK – latest version

The world has become closer thanks to Blue WhatsApp! Access the best features of this app right now.



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