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In the modern world, we no longer use telephones a lot except for work, school or some rare occasions. Nowadays, we use our smartphones to just about do anything whether we want to check the weather or order a pizza. We can even use it to contact anyone anywhere thanks to the internet and instant messaging apps. If you see any person today with a smartphone, there’s a huge chance that it has an instant messaging app installed. But if you want the best, try FM WhatsApp.

fm whatsapp apk download

This app is based off of the original WhatsApp that’s used by billions of people worldwide. Unlike the original, this app isn’t limited by its functions and limitations. This app is the ultimate one that you can use for just about anything whether for school, work or for personal purposes. What you’ll find in this app is shocking because you can’t get most of these features in any other official instant messaging apps. So, if you’re ready for the big change, let’s dive right into the app.

The Ultimate Messaging App

We live in a society where we’re all connected by the internet today. There’s a ton of things we can do now thanks to smartphones and the internet. These technologies opened up a whole new world of possibilities and endless tools. Now, we don’t need to send a letter just to communicate since we can do that within seconds using phones. We can also chat with video to just about anyone so we can see what they’re doing in real time.

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These sorts of possibilities didn’t exist back then when technology wasn’t as advanced. Today, we use instant messaging apps for just about anything whether to communicate with our workmates, schoolmates, family or friends. We’re no longer bounded by any limitations as long as we have smartphones. But even the best instant messaging apps today are filled with holes and limitations. For instance, you can’t change the theme and image in WhatsApp and most other apps.

For users that love to tweak their apps, this is a deal breaker for them. But with FM WhatsApp, you don’t need to settle for a mediocre instant messaging app. Because this app allows you to change theme in an instant and even add your custom theme to the library. Furthermore, you can personalize the icons inside the app by changing the colors and graphics. More than that, you can hide view status in here as well as show blue ticks after reply. As you can see, there are plenty of fun features and extra tools that you’re free to access here.

Capabilities of FM WhatsApp

If you don’t want to endure the hassle and the limitations of the original app, download FM WhatsApp today.

The Only Instant Messaging App You Need – In this day and age, you probably don’t even use telephones anymore. This is why smartphones have become such a huge market over the years as it’s continually growing. Now, almost everyone we know owns one and they use it for almost everything. But if you’re in the lookout for a new instant messaging app, the best one today is FM WhatsApp. This is no doubt a clone of the original but it’s 100 times better than the original.

fm whatsapp download

Here, you’re free to customize a lot of the app’s interface and layout. You can freely change the default theme of the app which is green to anything you want. You can choose from different styles and colors available in the library today and instantly apply it. Moreover, you can get these amazing privacy and security features that will allow you to be more at peace. With this, you can go out and do more things without worrying about limits, restrictions and lack of features.

Insane Customizations – One of the greatest aspects of this app is the ability to customize a lot of things. WhatsApp is pretty strict about customization and it doesn’t let users change the theme of the app for uniformity. If you’re bored of the green theme, you can change it to literally any color any style you want. You can even upload your own theme that you created or downloaded elsewhere. Then, you can also customize all of the graphics and colors in the app to anything you like.

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Protect Your Privacy – Ironically, we built all of these apps to stay connected but in doing so, we’ve let our privacy be compromised. Today, you can instantly see what someone is doing online with instant messaging apps. If you want to regain that privacy, FM WhatsApp is a good place to start. Here, you can hide features like the blue ticks, double ticks, last seen and more. More than that, you can also disable the video calling option to disallow unwarranted video calls. Lastly, you can set up the app lock so there’s a password when using it.

Perhaps one of the most impressive privacy features is the ability to hide typing and recording action. This feature lets you hide the fact that you’re currently typing into a conversation or are recording a voice message. With this, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Enticing Security Features – You can also add pins to each chat so you can lock that from prying eyes. This way, you won’t need to needlessly delete any messages that you don’t want others to see. Whether it’s work related or personal, you can secure each conversation with this app!

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Increased Limits – WhatsApp allows people to send images, videos and many files to others. But it has implemented a lot of limits on these so you’ll need to send them in lots of batches. But with FM WhatsApp, you can easily send up to 60 images at once! You can also send messages to a group of 500 people at once so you don’t manually do it per people.

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Download FM WhatsApp APK – Latest version for Android

Instant messaging just got more convenient with FM WhatsApp. Get the best features and tools right now.



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