Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp


NameFouad WhatsApp
Latest versionv9.11
UpdatedNgày 27 tháng 12 năm 2021
Size42 MB
Required Android4.4+
DeveloperFouadMods Team

There are so many free apps available right now that you can enjoy a lot of features. Right now, there’s an app for virtually everything you want to do whether to watch a movie, listen to music, play games or even just contact everyone you know. These days, you can get download many different instant messaging apps to use for personal or work purposes. But Fouad WhatsApp is the best alternative today since it offers the complete features of the original.

fouad whatsapp mod

This app is a duplicate of many similar apps all from the original app – WhatsApp. This app has billions of users worldwide and it’s the most used for a reason. But over the years, the app’s functionalities have dwindled a lot causing a lot of users to abandon it. But now, you can enjoy virtually the same app but with upgraded features. Just how is it upgraded you might ask? Simply put, it allows the user to fully customize the app, access privacy tools and more.

Contact and Customize

If you want to connect with your family, friends, co-workers, schoolmates or other people, you can use a ton of apps today. With these apps, you have the ability to virtually say anything you want and send any files you need. Not only that but it offers convenience and the ultimate tools to stay connected wherever you are. These apps are lifesavers in most cases and there are lots of them available right now. So, which app should you choose given that there’s an abundance of them?

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The answer is to not download the most popular instant messaging apps. Instead, you should focus on downloading Fouad WhatsApp which is a clone of WhatsApp. Simply put, this app is the ultimate culmination of what WhatsApp could have been if it doesn’t have a lot of restrictions. Here, you can freely send a lot of files all at once, set wallpapers on the home screen, change the theme, call blocker, set document text color in the chat screen, and more. Basically, you can access a lot of customizations today.

Then, you can also hide media from your phone gallery in this app. Moreover, you can hide chats, choose a forward message background color and many more. Now, you don’t need to use the original app that lacks in features. With this, you can access many tools that you didn’t even know existed!

Capabilities of Fouad WhatsApp

Instant messaging apps are important apps in today’s world. A lot of people use them daily for a variety of reasons. Therefore, you should use Fouad WhatsApp now.

Instant Messaging at its Best – You can download a lot of different apps right now. But if you’re someone who wants to have more control over your apps, then the original apps might not be for you. Instant messaging apps limit what you can send and do today because they don’t want the users to abused the platform. You see, if you want to access a lot more features, you’ll need to download Fouad WhatsApp. This instant messaging app allows you to take control of everything here.

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Firstly, you can change the theme of the app in a few simple taps. This isn’t possible with the original app since the developers prohibit them. You can also choose a background image, set a picture in chats, set picture in groups, change the pending message color, change the date color, and many more. With Fouad WhatsApp, you can preview all the style changes before actually applying them. This ensures that everything is in order and as you want.

Customize Everything – One of the most annoying things that users have to deal with today is the lack of customization. Sure, you can change the name and other things but most instant messaging apps lack customization. But with Fouad WhatsApp, you can easily change the theme! Here, you can also customize the background photo, text colors, mention colors, voice note play bar, participants color, line color, and many more. You don’t have to commit immediately to the style changes as you can preview them!

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Anti-delete messages – This app also showcases an anti-delete tool that lets you protect important conversations. This way, you won’t accidentally delete any chats in the app that are important. With this, you should be able to rest easy knowing that your important conversations are safe.

Call Blocker – This app also has a call blocker function that allows you to block numbers that you don’t know. Or you can specify which contact/s to block so you won’t be receiving unsolicited calls. With this feature, you can be assured that your privacy won’t be disturbed by telemarketers or people you don’t know. This is also a great tool to get rid of scammers who use the platform.

Hide Media from the Gallery – You can also hide any media from the gallery in the app. Hide it with a password today so only you can access it.

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Easy to use and quick – This app is so easy to use that it can be utilized by a complete beginner. Even if you didn’t use WhatsApp before, the app is simple enough to use and understand. It’s also optimized to use for any device that you may have today. With this, you can load the themes and other customizations smoothly and without delay. Thus, you can have more productive days ahead!

Download Fouad WhatsApp for Android – Latest version

The instant messaging space is filled with plenty of apps today. But Fouad WhatsApp is a bump above the rest in features and limits!



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