GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp


NameGB WhatsApp
Latest versionv15.00
UpdatedNovember 27, 2021
Size50 MB
Required Android4.4+
DeveloperFouadmods Team

What do you love to do with your smartphone today? Smartphones are capable of so many things such as communication, games, browsing and many more. It can even act as a calculator, camera, recorder, ruler and a map if you want. But perhaps its most useful feature is that it allows us to connect with anyone we want today. Because of this, we can freely talk to our friends, family and acquaintances. So, if you’ll only download one messaging app – be sure that it’s GB WhatsApp!

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If you want to chat and connect with everyone you know and love today, an instant messaging app is perfect. It’s the most convenient tool to use as you only need to have an internet connection to use it. And with GB WhatsApp, you can get features such as filter messages, auto-reply, DND, anti-revoke messages, share live locations, change themes, download statuses and more. With these features, you’d expect this app to be paid but it’s 100% free!

Incredible Tool

The world today has drastically changed thanks to the introduction of many tools and technological devices. Now, we don’t even need to do a lot of manual labor just to get the maximum output. With technology on our side, life has become more convenient over the years. With that, smartphones suddenly became a need as it can replace plenty of tools and devices today. So, if you’re looking for the one app that will address all of your needs, download GB WhatsApp now.

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Now, you don’t have to search for others or use a bunch today. Here, you can change the theme, wallpaper and even the font and customize it to your needs! Here, you can also hide your status, download any status, and access your message history. Then, you can also send more photos, videos and files today so that you can enjoy more. Now, you can also access the auto-reply feature, Do Not Disturb and text messages broadcast.

With this, you can filter messages and select all chat today. More than that, you can share live locations to any user right now.

Capabilities of GB WhatsApp

Whether or not you’re using a messaging app today, the best one has come! GB WhatsApp is the ultimate to use right now.

Enjoy Amazing Features – If you’re someone who loves to experience new apps, then this is the perfect time. Whether or not you’ve been using WhatsApp before or not, this app is the best one to test. If you want to make sure you only get the best features on an app, GB WhatsApp is the one for you. This app is the culmination of a lot of requests and testing. Here, you’ll get the ideal messaging tool that will fulfill your needs as well as provide extra features.

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By using the app, you may even discover tools that you didn’t even know were possible. With this, you should get to know many features like the anti-delete messages where you can retrieve messages that have been deleted. Or, you can also share your location to any other user and even filter messages. This app is also capable of installing a different theme and you can choose from a variety of selections today.

Send Files – Here, you don’t need to worry about any limits as the app increased it significantly. Now, you can send 50 MB videos and 90 photos at once to any user. This should make media sharing even more convenient and easy for all. With this, you can send a bunch of files without the need to use external apps or platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive and the likes.

DND and Auto-Reply – There’s also a unique and useful feature here called DND which is short for Do Not Disturb. With this feature, you can’t receive WhatsApp messages and calls for the app only. With this, the internet is disabled for the app and you won’t be disturbed. This is a useful tool when you’re in a meeting or at work and you don’t want to be disturbed.

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Filter Messages and Select all chats – You can also filter messages here to show only the chats that you want. Or, you can clear them all by selecting all of them at once! That’s how convenient this app is which isn’t available with the original one. With this, organizing your conversations should be more efficient and easier.

Plenty of themes – The app also has plenty of themes for you to download and use. Now, you can select which one you like to use and apply it instantly! You can change it regularly if you like since there are hundreds of them available to choose from. You can also change the font style, color and size to your liking to give the app a makeover.

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Hide and download statuses – GB WhatsApp also lets you hide the voice recording status today. Then, you can download the status of other users and save them to your gallery. Whether it’s a photo or a video, you can freely save them right now easily with the app.

Download GB WhatsApp APK for Android – Latest version

If you don’t want to get left behind by the times, download GB WhatsApp now! Get the incredible tools at your disposal instantly.



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