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If you’re still stuck with the original WhatsApp today, then it’s time to get out of it. This is a time where multiple instant messaging tools are available at your disposal that are a million times better than WhatsApp. No, we’re not talking about Viber, KakaoTalk or any other competitor. What we’re telling you about is JTWhatsApp which is a clone of the original but with incredible features. Perhaps its most desirable feature is the ability to customize your app!

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Here, you can change your theme thanks to a lot of choices today. There are also a lot of customizations you can do to change your font, sizes, icons, and colors of the app. Moreover, you can now send more videos and photos to just about anyone with the app. Then, you can also protect your privacy and you can check the status of contacts even while chatting. As you can see, there are a lot of features that you can utilize today!

Communicate Like a Pro

If you use a lot of apps right now in your phone, then you must have at least one instant messaging app. We now use instant messaging apps to conveniently message anyone on the internet today. Be it our loved ones or friends, we can convey what we want in real-time and we can even start a video chat! Thanks to these advanced apps, it’s now easier to stay connected no matter the time and location. But the right instant messaging app can only bring out the best in us!

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This is why you should consider downloading JTWhatsApp now. This app is a clone of the original but with better functions and tools. You can easily enjoy plenty of features here such as the ability to hide your last seen message, send any types of files, high-quality images and videos, change the app’s elements and theme and many more. The app also allows users to run 2 WhatsApp accounts at the same time – one with this app and another with the original.

What more could you possibly ask for in a messaging app when it has all of these features?

JTWhatsApp Features

When you look at an instant messaging app, what do you consider? The golden rule is that the more features there are, the better, right? Enjoy all the functions of JTWhatsApp now.

Incredible Tool – In our advanced world today, we are living with plenty of technological advances on our disposal. With our smartphones alone, we’re capable of going to many places, play games, and communicate with just about anyone. But with this JTWhatsApp, you can do so much more things! Today, this app is packed with the latest and the most advanced tool that not even the original possesses.

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In the age of technology, the app with the most features win. With JTWhatsApp, you can change the theme to whatever style and color you want. In addition, you can even change the icons, font styles, colors and more. Then, you can send larger videos and more photos than ever at once! This app also lets you increase the limit for statuses to 250 words. Then, you can also hide your last seen and you can send a lot of files in different formats.

Send Any Types of Files in Huge Sizes – This app lets you send any types of files today. Here, you can send PDF, JPEG, MP3, MP4, DOC, PPT, VCARD, XLS, DOCX and many more. This means that whatever you need the app for, it can cater to all your needs. Now, there’s virtually no need to use third-party storage platforms and apps just to send large files.

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Customize to your liking – The app also allows users to customize JTWhatsApp to whatever they like. The app houses dozens of free themes you can use today to your advantage. Enjoy plenty of customizations as well in the fonts, graphics, icons and more. Change the color, size and styles of all the things you see in here today.

Status limits – The app also has increased the word status limit from 139 to 250 words! This lets you type more words so you can express whatever you need today. This is a great feature to have especially if you love writing statuses today.

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Hide last seen messages – This app also allows you to hide last seen messages today. Here, you can check information about your contacts while chatting them!

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Download JTWhatsApp APK – Latest version

If you want to experience communication at its best, download JTWhatsApp now! Experience the best features now.


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