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OG WhatsApp

Latest versionv12.00
UpdatedJune 24, 2021
Size38 MB
Required Android4.4+
DeveloperFouadMods Team

People today enjoy the advancement of technologies and the products it brought. Now, we can literally call anyone in real-time wherever they are in the world today. The world has gotten smaller ever since we’ve created smartphones and numerous apps that have different uses today. But if you’re searching for a different way to communicate, it’s time you know about OG WhatsApp. This app is a duplicate of WhatsApp but with more features and without the annoying limits.

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Basically, you can experience a whole new world of communicating when you download this app right now. Access the auto-reply feature wherein you can schedule messages to be sent in specific times. There’s also the feature where you can call people you haven’t added to your contacts easily. Then, you can block particular numbers from calling you so you can enjoy your privacy. You see, the app has some of the best features you’re craving for in a messaging app for a long time!

Change the Way You Communicate

You can easily download any app that you can use on your smartphone today. Technology has made it easier to edit photos, play games, get updates and connect with our friends and family today. This means that we no longer need to constantly meet with other people personally just to convey a simple message. A simple chat will do today thanks to numerous instant messaging apps available. But more than that, they allow us to meet new people, video chat and to network.

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But as advanced as WhatsApp may be, it still has sufficient tools compared to OG WhatsApp. This app lets you access advanced tools like the ability to change the theme of the app. Then, there’s also the built-in message scheduler where you can customize a message to be sent in a specific time to certain users. With this feature, you can freely send any messages to just about anyone at the right time without fail.

Then, there’s also the ability to change the group name to more than 35 characters. Lasty, you don’t need to root your phone or to worry about being banned while using this!

Highlights of OG WhatsApp

The world has gotten smaller today thanks to numerous instant messaging apps. But it can get even smaller with OG WhatsApp thanks to these features:

An Advanced App – Sure, we can’t deny that we have access to many tools and apps today that makes our lives easier. But some apps aren’t as advanced as we’d like them to be due to certain restrictions. If you’re someone who relies on instant messaging app a lot, you’ll need to be able to enjoy as many features as you need today. With OG WhatsApp, you can do just that plus more! There’s no doubt that this app is the one that can change the way you can communicate today.

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Access a lot of themes right now and change it whenever you want. There are a ton of choices available. Then, you can also personalize your group name to more than 35 characters, block any contact, and many more. Send images, videos to any contact today that exceeds what the normal size the original app allows! With this, you can do so much more and achieve many things.

Built-In Message Scheduler – With this feature, there’s no limits to what you can do. Here, you can schedule any message to be sent in a set time in the future. You can then customize the message, the contact and the time you want it to be sent. This way, you don’t have to send it when the time comes that you’re busy or you’re asleep. This is a useful tool especially for marketers or for people that are always on the go. Even if you won’t use it, it’s still a great feature to have for free!

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Personalize – The ability to add new fonts, stickers and access many emojis are also present in OG WhatsApp. Here, you can change the theme, add a wallpaper as a background and many more. You can also enjoy plenty of emojis today and more.

Send Big Files – OG WhatsApp also allows users to send over 90 images at once and 100 documents instead of 30. With this, you don’t have to use third-party apps just to send some files. You can send literally any type of file such as jpeg, mp3, mp4, docx and many more. You can even send an APK file if you want.

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Call Non-Contacts – This app also gives you the ability to call or message anyone that isn’t added on your contact list. This allows you to keep your contact list clean and organized. If you just want to give a quick call to an unregistered number, feel free to do so!

Save and Copy Status – The app also allows you to save and copy status whenever you want!

Download OG WhatsApp APK – Latest version for Android

There are limitless opportunities that you can have when you download OG WhatsApp! Enjoy the future of messaging apps now.

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